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What Labor & Delivery feel like | Dealing With Pain During Childbirth

Labor – How it Feels Like?

Many first moms-to-be are very nervous as their due date draws near. Sometimes mothers who had their first pregnancy easy are worried that their second one will be tough and those who had their first pregnancy hard, fear that the history would be repeated.  Anxiety is common in pregnancy especially during labor. Every woman feels anxiety beside excitement. There are some types of unknown fears that even the calmest women feel. If you are one of those who are going to be the first time mom then this guide will help them to know what happens in the labor and how to cope up with the pain.

During the first stage of labor, the dilation occurs. The first stage of labor is divided in three parts. The first part is called the early labor. The second part is the active labor. The third part is called the transition to second stage.

In the second stage of labor, the baby moves to the birth canal. The third stage of labor is when the woman gives birth to the baby and uterus contracts to push the placenta out. During the fourth stage, the baby is born and the placenta is delivered.

Stages of Labor
Stages of Labor

Labor is always hard but with some relaxing techniques, you can relax in that time.  It is always the best tip to make up your mind before you step into that situation. Experts with their advice try to make your labor as comfortable as possible.

Relaxation, preparation, and awareness are important features of a optimistic birth experience.

Beginning of Labor

Usually labor begins with contractions. In the beginning they are so mild that most of the time they are not recognize. Women only feel that they are tired or like they have period cramps.

After some time these contractions get regular and stronger. If your contractions last one minute and are repeating within 5 minutes then you are recommended to head to the hospital. Don’t assume it as a false labor because in labor the contractions get longer and longer. They also get closer.

childbirth and labor

To cope up with anxiety take a shower, go for a walk, take a nap and eat something. You should head to the hospital if the contractions are not regular and you have bleeding and you don’t feel any baby movement in half an hour. When the amniotic fluid is green or yellow in color, you should immediately head to the hospital or call your doctor. These are the conditions when the baby is stressed.

Coping with Labor Pain

To cope up with pain women can take showers; try visual relaxation that they have learned in the childbirth class during pregnancy. Massage and deep breath practices can help in overcoming some pain.

Some women choose epidurals and some drug free deliveries. Many women prefer C section in order to avoid all these but in that case women have to recover from the surgery. In many cases C section become compulsory due to medical reasons. Sometimes the labor stalls or the baby gets under the stress.

delivery and labor

Environment plays a vital role in giving a relaxing feeling to women in labor. The right environment distracts the stress.

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