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Tips on Getting Pregnant After A Tubal Reversal Surgery

Women who have undergone tubal reversal are very concerned about their pregnancy. It usually takes some time to conceive after tubal reversal.  If you are also one of those women who want to achieve pregnancy after TR surgery, you must consider a few important things. Couples need helpful tips to have the natural pregnancy after the tubal reversal surgery. Read below tips to learn on…

how to get pregnant after tubal ligation reversal surgery.

  1. It is important to wait at least one cycle after the tubal reversal surgery before you try to get pregnant. In this way you will give proper time to your body to heal.
  2. Women must not check for blockage with the HSG procedure for 12 months at least following your reversal surgery. This is because it may cause more problems by “washing” debris into the fallopian tubes. It can create many other problems make the reversal surgery worthless.  The research and study shows that most women achieve their pregnancy within 12 months after the surgery so they must give some time and wait for the pregnancy.
  3. Women must know their cycles. It is very important for women to know when their ovulation will occur. They can use an ovulation predictor kit to know their ovulation time. You may have to use some trials while using any kit because it will take some time for you to learn when it is the best time for you to test your urine.
  4. It is very common for the women to have miscarriages so you should follow the instructions given by your doctor very strictly in order to have a safe and healthy pregnancy after TR surgery. If you experience any miscarriage, you will suffer badly both emotionally and physically. If miscarriages are repeated, a woman becomes agitated. The miscarriages are estimated to occur quite commonly. The chances are 50 % of all pregnancies so there is nothing alarming.
  5. After the tubal reversal, many women face the problem of scar tissue that interferes with the fertility. The conditions in which scar tissue can affect the fertility include pelvic inflammatory disease and endometriosis and sometimes any abdominal surgery. The scar tissue can have a ripple effect on the woman’s fertility. There are many natural ways and therapies to help your body dissolve scar tissue and that include systemic enzyme therapy, abdominal or fertility massage, castor oil packs etc.
  6. Women should take all necessary steps to keep her body healthy by taking all essential nutrients. It is very important to improve preconception nutrition which is the best gift you can give yourself and your baby. A healthy woman has more chances of becoming pregnant as compared to the pone having poor health. Poor health is not only dangerous for the woman but also for the baby so taking nutrients is very necessary.
Consult With Your Doctor Regularly
Consult With Your Doctor Regularly

These are very helpful tips for all the women who had tubal reversal and now they want to become pregnant. Women should know everything they can do to conceive a baby naturally.

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