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Getting Sick While You are Pregnant – Steps to Stay Well

Sickness in pregnancy is very terrible. You feel worst as the immune system gets weak in pregnancy. Obviously you try your best to stay well during pregnancy but it’s not surprising that you get sick during that time. It is important that you use precautionary measures to stay well during pregnancy. You should take maximum care of your health. You must be healthy enough to have speedy recovery if you get sick.       Essential Steps to Stay Healthy – Getting Well If You are Sick While Pregnant Take the following…

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Pregnancy and Exercise –The New Rules to Stay Active for Moms

There are many pregnancy myths regarding exercise like: Pregnant women must not lift anything heavy or overhead. The heart rate of a pregnant woman must not rise above 140 bpm. Women who aren’t active before pregnancy are unable to work out during pregnancy. Strength training can cause joint injury. Expecting moms should avoid all sports. Unless there is a specific condition, these are only the myths.  But the women who are not having normal condition during the pregnancy, these myths are treated as facts. Pregnancy and Exercise for Active Moms –…

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