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Pregnancy Symptoms: Top 41 Early Signs of Pregnancy

What are the Early Signs of Pregnancy

There are many early pregnancy signs of pregnancy which most of the women are unaware; These early pregnancy symptoms are the indication of your pregnancy even if it is too early to miss your period. Once a woman becomes pregnant it body hormones started to change and that lead many changes in her body and attitude within next few days after she conceives. In the coming section we collect all these early signs and symptoms of pregnancy under different headings.

First Signs of Pregnancy

Elevated Basal body temperature: BBT may be considered one of the earliest sign that could be noticed within two days of ovulation. Your BBT goes up around half to one degree high.

Changes in Your Breasts: Your breasts may become tender, sore, and felt as heavy and darker around the nipples, this would also happened in the earliest days of your pregnancy.

Fatigue & Sleepiness: It is also considered one of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy. During fatigue you will feel not only tired but also may feel sleepy.

Cramps: It starts happening once woman egg attached to uterus  wall; it may feel same as you may feel while your menstrual periods.

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Common Early Pregnancy Symptoms

There are many common signs and symptoms which are reported frequently in several pregnancy cases; sometimes many of these signs remain unnoticed by pregnant women and are ignored.  Here we try to provide you a list of most common and earliest signs of early pregnancy.

Nausea and Vomiting: It is very common for many pregnant women to have nausea and morning sickness during first several weeks of pregnancy.

Food Aversions: One of the early sign of pregnancy is increase of hunger in women.

Shortness of Breath:  This is happened in the starting weeks of pregnancy.

Feeling Pregnant: Some women have become confident that they have intuition feeling pregnant which mostly goes positive.

Vivid Dreams: Many women see vivid dreams during their early pregnancy days.

Feeling thirsty: This is considered as one of the early signs of pregnancy.

Spotting during pregnancy: this sign is one of the common sign which tells you that you may be pregnant.

Moodiness: This is a common sign during early pregnancy.

Dizziness: Dizziness or faintness can also be experienced in early stage of pregnancy.

Sensitivities: Early pregnancy heightened the sense of smell. Your teeth are also very sensitive to hot and cold stuff.

Yawning & Tiredness: Many of women start yawning a lot and feel tired while they are pregnant.

Indigestion: Indigestion is also common for pregnant women at some point during their pregnancy.

Change in libido: It starts changing immediately after ovulation as hormonal changes start happening.

Change in sleep: Pregnancy may effects pregnant women sleeping patterns.

Aches & Pains: Aches and feeling pains is common for many women during their early pregnancy.

Peeing more: during early pregnancy many women start experiencing peering more often.

Swelling and bloating:  In some cases of early pregnancy swelling and bloating start happening.

Itching: Some of the women face itching at the beginning of their pregnancy some do not.

Acne: Acne and inflammation is the indicator that you may have conceived.

Wired mouth taste: Changing mouth taste and feel it like metallic taste is common sign throughout first trimester.

Heartburn: You may also experience heartburn during your early pregnancy

Constipation: This is also a common symptom of pregnancy.

Dry Mouth: dry mouth is normal as you find that you are thirsty usually.

Leg cramps: Many pregnancy women get their leg cramps during pregnancy.

Headache: Many women get headaches thought during their pregnancy.

Backache: Many women suffer from back pain mostly in your lower back area during their pregnancy

Excess Saliva: Many women having symptom of producing excessive saliva in their mouth during their early pregnancy.

Missed period: Missed period is one of the most obvious sign of pregnancy.

Some Other Symptoms of Early Pregnancy

Runny Rose: Pregnancy may increase the need to blow your nose more often.

Gagging on brushing: In some cases, gagging on brushing is counted as an early sign of pregnancy.

Rectal pain: A common sign is to experience rectal pain near anus during pregnancy in some women.

Dark patches on face: Some women may also experience dark skin patches on face.

Drooling: It is not very common early pregnancy symptom in many women.

Yeast Infection: Some women may experience yeast infection right after they get pregnant.

Breasts leaking: Few women experience leaking of small amount of fluid  at the start of pregnancy.

No hair fallout: Women may experience rare falling out their hair.

Color sensitivity: This symptom is not a very common in pregnant women but reported in some cases.

Although if you have experienced one or more symptoms listed above, does not necessarily gives you a confirmation of pregnancy. A pregnancy test is essential to confirm if you are pregnant.

Most Accurate Pregnancy Tests

There is list of pregnancy tests available…

Pregnancy Home Test: Accuracy of this home test results should be expected within 10-12 days after you think you get pregnant.

Pregnancy Urine Test:  Exact results can be obtained one or more days after your missed period.

Pregnancy Blood Test: You can expect to get a positive blood test as early as 5-6 days after you conceive.

You may get negative results if you are taking pregnancy tests too early

Once your pregnancy test is gone positive, you can use a pregnancy due date calculator to check the expected date of your delivery date. Further you may read an article to learn more about early signs of pregnancy and pregnancy tests and parental care tips.

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