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Pregnancy and Exercise –The New Rules to Stay Active for Moms

There are many pregnancy myths regarding exercise like:

  • Pregnant women must not lift anything heavy or overhead.
  • The heart rate of a pregnant woman must not rise above 140 bpm.
  • Women who aren’t active before pregnancy are unable to work out during pregnancy.
  • Strength training can cause joint injury.
  • Expecting moms should avoid all sports.

Unless there is a specific condition, these are only the myths.  But the women who are not having normal condition during the pregnancy, these myths are treated as facts.

Pregnancy and Exercise for Active Moms – Your Guide to the New Rules beyond  Swimming and Yoga:

Mother’s Heart-rate

Back in the 80’s it was said that exercising pregnant women must not let their heart rate rise above 140 beats per minute. The new research says that it is not like this. For example athletes find it frustrating to follow because this range is a warm-up by their own normal standards. So, heart rate is not proper measured for maternal exercise.

Mother’s Body Temperature

The body temperature of the expecting mother rises during exercise. Body temperature also depends on the temperature of the environment. Athletic mothers can better regulate their body temperature, and can also efficiently prevent it from rising to dangerous levels.

Oxygen Delivery to Baby

The baby must get enough oxygen during exercise. Babies have the ability to deal with the stress not only during exercise but also during labor and delivery. So the women who were active before their pregnancy usually remain active during their pregnancy.

Exercising is normal during [pregnancy unless the mother reaches total exhaustion or holds her breath because in that case the baby will not get enough oxygen. So if you have newly started exercising in your pregnancy, you should start out slowly and then move from the mild to moderate level. In pregnancy you must not make yourself exhausted.

Benefits of Exercise for Baby

In the past, the focus was given on the risks of exercising during pregnancy but now the expecting mothers are encouraged for safe exercise due to the following benefits.

  • Babies whose mothers exercise have good heart health. When a mother exercises, her baby has a lower heart rate which is considered as the good heart health. Their heart health remains good even after they are born and become adult.
  • Exercise also helps in controlling the blood sugar and pregnant women would also have the less risk of developing gestational diabetes.
  • Women who do exercise during pregnancy also deliver healthy baby.
  • Research shows that pregnant women who do regular exercise give birth to the babies with active brains and these babies tend to be more intelligent.
  • Exercising helps the mothers to deliver the baby easily with less stress
  • Stress is harmful to babies so exercise helps in managing the reducing the stress.
Benefits of Exercise for Baby
Benefits of Exercise for Baby

There are many benefits of exercise during pregnancy therefore doctors also emphasize on doing exercise during pregnancy.

Sports during Pregnancy

It is also possible to continue sports during pregnancy. Athletes also have babies and  we can see many popular athletes playing sports during their pregnancy. So if you want to play sports during your pregnancy, it is completely normal but make sure you get involved into safe activities that are recommended by your doctor. The activities that are dangerous and involve the risk of big fall or require high speed must be avoided.  Any placental damage occurs when there is a hard collision with any object. The sports that must be avoided during pregnancy involve climbing, cycling, hockey, skating, skiing, skating, etc.

Strength Training During Pregnancy

In the past it was said that strength training was not good during pregnancy and it is very dangerous for the pregnant women because it can give serious injury. But the recent research shows that if the strength training is mild to moderate than it is not dangerous.

The expecting moms who already lift can keep on doing their current strength training but they should keep it in their mind that extreme lifting is entirely dangerous. If you’re new to strength training, start it from the basic then move to the moderate.

To keep away from injuries during pregnancy while doing strength training, it’s essential to maintain proper form and control. If you are not much sure about your proper form, then it would be useful for the expecting mothers to hire professional personal trainers, who are specialized in prenatal exercise.

Back Exercises during Pregnancy

During pregnancy no woman would like lying on back because after the first trimester, the uterus weight can be felt right on a major vein and that would cause of low blood pressure, decrease in oxygen and even faintness.

You should immediately change your position if you feel lightheaded or nauseous.

Exercising the Core in Pregnancy

Exercising the core in pregnancy is the most important discussion topic among the fitness professionals. You should in fact exercise your core, because it helps in reducing the chances of experiencing the typical pregnancy aches and pains and improve your posture as well as balance and also help you during your labor and delivery.

The second question is how to avoid diastasis recti, a condition involving separation of the abdominal muscles when the growing uterus puts while pushing against the abdominal wall. It is not very serious condition but it could be annoying.

Fear and Decision Making

After reading and knowing all this, the expecting mothers would be able to overcome their fear of their active pregnancy. But still there are many myths circulating. Every expecting mother has some fears regarding their pregnancy.

 pregnancy myths and decision making
Pregnancy Myths and Decision Making

The main fear is the fear of having pregnancy loss. It is a very painful for any mother to lose her pregnancy.  Therefore every pregnant woman wants to protect her baby and want to know how they can do it. Women are confused about doing exercise because they don’t want to hurt their baby. But after doing some research you can now make your decision about continuing your exercise at the same level you were used to do.


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