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Pregnancy at the Age 35 and above, should you Consider it at High-Risk?

Women age is the vital factor which should be considered during pregnancy. For women of age 30+ chances to get pregnant are reduced with age. They tend to decline more for the women age of 40 or more, at this stage they found difficulty to conceive naturally even at this age sometime it is very hard to get pregnant by use of medical treatments such as IVF or tubal reversal etc. but still there are changes for women age between 35 to 39 years old but they need to remain patient to conceive.

According to a research at 80% of women age 35 and above would take a year or less to conceive; about 10% may take up-to two years to get pregnant and other 10% would have rare or no changes to be mothers. We recommend that if you are above 35 years, you need to be patient, remain hopeful and should follow our tips of getting pregnant.

Infertility Evaluation

In case of younger women, doctors usually recommend infertility evaluation for those women who are unable to conceive after one year of trying. But women those are 35 year or above should not wait longer and do their infertility evaluation after 6 months of trying. Further they can do the evaluation earlier in case they found issues such as irregular periods or if they had any abdominal surgery earlier.

Women Ago 45 and Above

Women those are 45 years old or above got rare chances to be conceived; at this age even fertility treatments are not effective. Women at this age usually get a recommendation by fertility specialists to go for IVF. But this treatment also required the donation of eggs by a younger donor as aged women could not conceive by their own eggs.

Miscarriage a Major Risks for Elder Women

The key risk that the pregnant women of age 35 years and above may face is the miscarriage. Ectopic pregnancy chances increases after the age of 35, according to a study. These women are also risk of having stillbirth; this risk doubles for the women age 40 year old or above.

Pregnancy Risks for Older Mums

Mums 40 years or above have a tendency to develop many risks during their pregnancy; conditions includes such as gestational diabetes, premature births, high blood pressure or placenta praevia. A mother must be healthy to conceive at this age group, healthy mums have more chances to have healthy pregnancies.

Pregnant Mums age 35 and Above
Pregnant Mums age 35 and Above

IVF Treatment and Chances

They major treatment most of the fertility specialist would suggest is IVF treatment for women 35 years old or above, this does not grantee you 100% pregnancy success, chances sometimes are very low. However, you must have a detailed check-up and have all important diagnostic tests in order to make sure if you have any pregnancy related problem. For this you should consult with your obstetrician and keep yourself aware about your conditions during your pregnancy.

Chromosomal Problem

Women who got pregnant and then had their first trimester miscarriage, are at high risks of a pregnancy with chromosomal problem, such risk increases with every coming year.

Old Age and Labor Complications

Women age 35 or above expect to have a long labor. With the age it gets tougher for women to give birth naturally. This could be because of ineffective working of the muscles of women uterus, women those are in such condition likely to face assisted birth, induced labor or cesarean sections.

Aged Pregnant Woman and Labor Complications
Aged Pregnant Woman and Labor Complications

Above risks are not common in every case, these are the most common risks which any women above 35 years old likely to face.  A healthier woman most likely experiences a healthy pregnancy even at the age of 35 or above.

Women of this age group who want to get pregnant must  take care of themselves, they should eat a healthy diet and should have regular pregnancy exercises;  avoid activities such as smoking and taking alcohol in case they are seriously want to conceive at the age of 35 or above.
If you have a healthy lifestyle, you can more expect to have a fit pregnancy and finally your baby would be healthier as well.

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