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Optimal Diet and Nutrition for A Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time when your body changes in ways you never knew before. People also give you unwanted advice and during the third trimester you really feel pregnant. You get advice from different people around you so here I am also sharing you some useful information regarding diet and nutrition for a fit and healthy pregnancy. You may also read a useful article on exercise new rules to stay active during your pregnancy.

Healthy Pregnancy Starts Before You Conceive

The healthy pregnancy starts before you conceive. The reason is that when you have a healthy diet, it will help in the healthy conception and your body will be prepared for the healthy pregnancy. For those who want to have a healthy pregnancy must consider to take healthy diet before they get pregnant. There are many lifestyle factors that contribute to the healthy conception. So you should make your diet healthy and adopt positive lifestyle if you want to have a healthy baby.

Optimal Nutrition for Healthy Pregnancy

The best gift that you can give to your baby is the best nutrition. There are some foods that you should avoid in pregnancy. Some advice on the optimal diet and nutrition for healthy pregnancy is given below

It is a fact that if you will improve your diet, your pregnancy will get much easier. Many women are not aware of healthy eating. They don’t know what is meant by healthy eating.  They must know that their body is going to build an entire human body and therefore they need good quality food that includes proteins, fats and other important nutrients. It is important for her to eat fruits and vegetables regularly during her pregnancy and some supplements are also required as the nutrients are sometimes not adequately got from food.

Women must focus the foods containing the following nutrients during pre-conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding:


For healthy pregnancy, women need 80+ grams of protein on daily basis. Protein is very important because it lowers the risk of preclampsia and other complications. In many cases when women took adequate amount of proteins, they experienced less morning sickness.


Many women don’t want to take fats but they must know that fats are also very important for not only their health but also for the baby in the in the development of organ and brain. Good sources of fats are meat (including red meat), eggs, butter, coconut/oil, olive/oil,  nuts, etc.

Vegetables and Fruits

They contain good amount of vitamins, minerals and fiber that are very important during pregnancy. Pregnant women should eat different varieties of vegetables including green leafy vegetables because they help in raising Vitamin K levels.


The blood volume of a woman increases during pregnancy and more amount of fluid is needed to replenish the amniotic fluid in which the baby is. If an expecting mother drinks plenty of water, she can control morning sickness and it will also help in the prevention of constipation. Water not only keeps the mother but also the baby hydrated.


Optimal Nutrition for Healthy Pregnancy
Optimal Nutrition for A Healthy Pregnancy

Supplements For Healthy Pregnancy

The requirements of the supplements depend on the body of a woman and these requirements vary from woman to woman. So before you take any supplement, you should get it approved by the doctor in order to ensure its safety.

The following are the important supplements to be taken during pregnancy.


They can be obtained from good quality supplements, water kefir, fermented foods and kombucha. The new born baby has sterile gut and then the gut bacteria develop on the basis of the mother’s beneficial (or not) gut flora and adequate probiotics help in getting rid and reducing the risk of Group B strep before delivery when organic plain yogurt or probiotic supplements are used vaginally.

Omega-3s, DHA, RHA

Adequate amount of good fats are also important for baby’s development and a pregnant woman cannot obtain it from diet. These fats can be obtained from the supplements and the use of these supplements during pregnancy can reduce the risk of developing many problems. You can take fermented Cod liver oil.

Vitamin D

The women who took 4,000 IU of vitamin D have fewer chances to develop gestational diabetes, and high blood pressure, or preeclampsia. There are also less chances of giving the birth to premature babies.


It is very good in preventing spina bifida and other developmental problems. Folate is an important supplement. Doctors recommend pregnant women to take 400 micrograms every day.


The deficiency of iron can cause anemia and anemia can lead to serious complications during delivery, but fortunately it can be easily prevented. Iron deficiency can be checked through blood tests. It can be treated with iron supplements.

Supplements For Healthy Pregnancy
Supplements For Healthy Pregnancy

Foods that Women Should Avoid During Pregnancy (as well during pre-conception & breastfeeding)


There are different opinions on the consumption of caffeine during pregnancy. It is often inquired that if taking caffeine is safe during pregnancy and if it is then how much quantity a woman can take. It is preferable if you avoid it but if you can’t avoid it completely then limit to one cup per day and not from soda.

Processed Foods

processed foods contain chemicals and it is good to avoid unnecessary chemicals as there are about 200 chemicals present in the umbilical cord blood of some babies. So processed food should be avoided and they also contain very little nutrition. They can also cause constipation and instability in the blood sugar instability.

Vegetable Oils and Fats

Vegetable oils and omega 6 fats are not required for the body. They are linked to cell mutation and cancers so pregnant women should avoid them due to the rapid cell development of the fetus.

Grains and Sugars

Grains and sugar can cause many health problems and pregnant women must avoid eating them. Instead they should focus on taking bioavailable nutrition.

Foods that women should avoid during pre-conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding
Foods to Avoid During pregnancy

Herbs During Pregnancy

You can consult with a qualified herbalist to take any herbs during pregnancy. Don’t take any herb that is not approved by your midwife, doctor or herbalist. You may use the following herbs which are good during pregnancy:

Red raspberry leaf, nettle leaf, alfalfa leaf, peppermint etc.

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