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Learn on How to Boost Your Fertility?

Fertility is very important issue and over the past several years this problem has increased dramatically, one in 6 couples is finding it difficult to conceive ; miscarriages ration is  also increasing. This is the reason why many couples are turning to find the ways to increase their fertility.

Different Reasons of infertility

  • Ovulation failure
  • Endometriosis
  • Tubal damage
  • Male infertility
  • Age Factor
  • Unknown

Sometimes there is more than one problem for infertility like a female is suffering from endometriosis and the male partner has low sperm. The most interesting thing about infertility is that the most common cause is unexplained. This is the reason couple want to increase their infertility.

Different Reasons of infertility
Different Reasons of Infertility

How to Increase Fertility?

There is now a plenty of knowledge about increasing the fertility.

Eat Well

At many times, the infertility is due to the nutritional deficiency. So women should eat well. Staying nourished is very necessary for increasing fertility. Both men and women must take well balanced diet which means it must include protein, calcium, vitamins especially vitamin C and D.

If there is a nutritional deficiency in a woman, she may suffer from lengthened menstrual cycles as well as ovulation problem that will lead to higher risks of early miscarriage or infertility. So you should take a daily multivitamin supplement after consulting with your doctor. Protein-rich foods are very important for boosting fertility.

Stop Taking Alcohol

The consumption of alcohol reduces the chances of be becoming pregnant. It affects the hormones that in return affect implantation of egg. Alcohol if taken in small amount can affect the fertility. So you should cut off drinking alcohol if you want to increase your fertility. Alcohol affects not only you but if you take alcohol, it will also affect your partner. It affects male fertility by reducing the sperm count, reducing the sperm quality and sperm motility.

Maintain Your Healthy Weight

The excess body fat contributes in producing some hormones in greater quantity that interfere with normal ovulation. Thus the chances to get pregnant also decrease. When there is too little fat in the body, the body will not make enough hormones for ovulation. So you will not conceive therefore, maintaining a healthy body weight is important. Exercise is very important for maintaining healthy weight.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking is very dangerous as it contributes to fertility problems. It causes early menopause and also reduces the sperm count. Abnormal sperms are also produced due to smoking and they become sluggish.

Avoid Pesticides

The chemicals used in pesticides are very harmful. They are considered to reduce male fertility. They reduce the sperm count and research shows that the men who ate the fruits and vegetables that are treated by pesticides have low sperm count as well as poor quality sperm. These chemicals also affect the female fertility by affecting the function of ovaries. These chemical disturb the menstrual cycle too. It is always desirable to eat organic fruits and vegetables and if you have garden, try avoiding the use of these chemicals.

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