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Essentials Items for Your Hospital Bag – Hospital Bag Checklist

It is the time to pack all essential things you require for your labor and childbirth.  If you are planning a hospital birth, you should make your bag ready at least 3 weeks before the due date and if you are not planning for hospital birth, you should still prepare your bag because there could be any unexpected emergency so your bag should be packed at least at 36 weeks of your pregnancy.

Your Hospital Bag Checklist – Essentials Items for Your Hospital Bag 

Each hospital has its own policy of bringing different items. It is advisable that you pack two bags, one bag for labor and the other one for your stay on the postnatal ward. It is not necessary that you take the second bag in the hospital. You can leave it in the car because if it is the straightforward birth, you can go back to your home on the same day.

Maternity notes

You should have your maternity notes or birth plan with you. It should be short.

Dressing gown

You should also take your dressing gown with you if you don’t want to wear the hospital one. It should be light one because hospitals are warms. It is better if you have a one with dark color so that it may hide some stains.


You can feel cold during labor and the floors of the hospital can be cold so it is advisable to bring socks with you.

Extra-Absorbent Pads

These are the most important items that you may need after your delivery.

Outfit for Your Baby

Pack simple and good quality clothes for baby in your bag.

A Tube Sock with Tennis Balls

In this way you can relieve your back pain during your labor. You can do this by stuffing the ball in the sock and tying it at the end with the knot. When it is rolled up and down on your back, it will relieve the tension.

Backless slippers

This is an important item because they can easily be got on and off.

Massage oil or lotion 

Massage gives relief in labor. So you can pack it in your bag and use it if you need a massage.

Birth ball

Often the hospitals have the birth balls but if the size is not right, you can take your own birth ball. Birth balls helps in labor.

Lip balm

Lip balm can be effective and you may need it in the labor ward as your lips can dry out there.


You need energy for your labor. It is good if you take isotonic sports drinks with you.  Some glucose tablets are also good to take in labor.

Relaxing items

Don’t forget to take some relaxing items with you like music devices, iPod, books, magazines, etc.

Hair bands or a clip

Hair bands and clips are important so don’t forget to pack it in your bag.


You may need extra pillows to feel comfortable. Pack pillows in your bag especially the v shaped pillows which will help you in breastfeeding your baby.

Essential Kit for a Comfortable Labor & Childbirth

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