Early Signs of Pregnancy That Make You Feel You May Be Pregnant

Sometimes women are unaware about their pregnancy, many of women do not know more about the early signs of pregnancy.  Usually, many of the women consider a missed period as a top pregnancy symptom. There are early symptoms of pregnancy before a missed period some signs can be observed as early as a few days after you conceive. If you cannot wait to see if your period is late or want to know about your pregnancy before you take home pregnancy test or blood test. These early sign would definitely help you to give idea on your pregnancy.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Signs
Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Signs

Top Early Pregnancy Symptoms That Make You Feel that You May be Pregnant

Early pregnancy symptoms that mean you are pregnant even if it is early to miss your period. Once a woman gets pregnant, many changes are expected to take place in her body. It is because of the release and changes in body hormones.

Increased Basal Body Temperature (Elevated BBT)

Basal body temperature can be considered one of the earliest sign that you may notice on getting pregnant. You feel much warmer as your BBT goes up between half a degree to one full degree. Charting up the basal body temperature can happen within the first two days of ovulation. In few cases, it is also reported opposite, symptom of shivering on getting pregnant are accounted.

Breast Changes (Sore Breasts)

Sore breasts or changes in the breasts are one the common early sign of pregnancy which most of the women notice once they get pregnant. You may notice that breasts are becoming more tender, felt as get swollen and heavy. Some changes also taken place on and around your nipples areas, becoming more tender and darker.

The reason of these changes in breasts is because of breasts tissues which become hormone sensitive.  Blood volume increases after fertilization of egg, progesterone and HCG floods in the body.


Cramps during pregnancy may feel like the same that you feel during your menstrual periods. This happens when embryo is implanted in woman uterus. Fertilization happens and woman egg attaches to uterus wall. This early symptom is also felt because of the stretching of woman uterus. You may also notice bloating or some even observe bleeding after 1 week of ovulation due to implantation.

When you have symptoms such as early pregnancy cramps, you could consider it as tricky early sign of pregnancy.


Fatigue is one of the earliest sign of pregnancy; even most of the women do not notice this symptom. Once you get pregnant you may start feeling very tired, being tired is very usual during early pregnancy.  Fatigue is much more than tiredness; you may feel sleepy all the time, fall asleep while watching TV show.

Once your baby starts to take your body calories, fatigue takes serious toll on your body during first two weeks of the pregnancy; this makes you feel exhausted and tired during early pregnancy days.

Top Early Pregnancy Symptoms That Make You Feel that You May be Pregnant
Top Early Pregnancy Symptoms That Make You Feel Pregnant

Common Signs of Early Pregnancy

Many common symptoms reported in several pregnant women during the early days of their pregnancy. You may follow the list below to know more about the signs of early pregnancy.

Intuition Just “Feeling” Pregnant

Sometimes you just are feeling pregnant even before doing any pregnancy test. Many women are certain that they have intuition of pregnancy signs which mostly goes positive.

Vivid Dreams

You may see vivid dreams during the early pregnancy days. Recalling these dreams or nightmares is one of the sign that you are pregnant.

Nausea and Vomiting

Nausea and morning sickness is very common for pregnant women and expected after first few weeks of pregnancy and some women continue to face it during second trimester; few women do not have nausea at all.

Nausea can also be triggered by the deficiency of Folic acid; you should take enough amount of this nutrient to stay healthy during your early pregnancy.

Cravings and Food Aversions

One of the early sign of pregnancy is increase of hunger in women. About 85% of women suffer from food aversions at the early stage of their pregnancy. Body eating demand increases and required extra food.  You should try to eat something with 3-4 hours gap and try to eat foods which are easy to digest once you experience this symptom.

Shortness of Breath

Shortness of women breath is happened in the starting weeks of pregnancy. At this point your body is in need of more oxygen and blood to grow your baby. This demand oxygen and nutrients continues to increase as pregnancy progresses which could cause of shortness of breath.

Excessive Thirst

Feeling thirsty can also be considered as one of the early signs of pregnancy. Thrush symptom is observed in about 25% pregnant women. This is caused by the escalating level of the hormone progesterone. You should drink water more frequently in order to stay hydrated.


Spotting during pregnancy is one of the common sign which tells you that you may be pregnant. Many women misunderstood light bleeding and spotting as the start of menstrual period.  Spotting or period during pregnancy is a short time and different compared to regular period and is called implantation spotting happens after egg implantation in the women uterus.

Missed Period

Missed period is one of the most obvious sign of pregnancy. This symptom may let you search more about pregnancy symptoms. You may experience implantation bleeding or spotting (lighter period compared to regular periods). This is the time you could notice that you have missed your monthly cycle.

Change in Libido

Change in libido usually happened during pregnancy. It starts changing immediately after ovulation as hormonal changes start happening. It may effective woman sex drive and moods differently from start to end months of pregnancy.

Changes in Sleep

Pregnancy also effect pregnant women sleeping patterns. You may want to sleep for 15 hours at a time and even may snore at the night. Sometimes you may feel like sleepless, tossing and turning.


Pregnancy could affect your mood and it goes on changing in seconds. You may get angry in a second and crying on the next. This is a common sign during early pregnancy. There can be many factors such as nausea, fatigue, stress and most importantly changes in body hormones due to egg implantation which affect the neurotransmitters of body.


Dizziness or faintness can also be experienced in early stage of pregnancy which is because of low blood sugar as body demand increases. Blood vessels dilate which cause reducing blood pressure in the body and result in lightheadedness and dizziness.

Sensitivities (Smell & Gums)

Smell sensitivities are also very common in pregnant women and is considered as a common symptom of early pregnancy. Early pregnancy heightened the sense of smell so you may smell garbage in the next room.

You may find your gums are supper sensitive, even they are bleeding.  Your teeth are also very sensitive to hot and cold stuff.

Common Signs of Early Pregnancy
Common Signs of Early Pregnancy

Other Common Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

Other common pregnancy symptoms which are sometimes unnoticed by many women. These are also common sign of pregnancy.

Yawning & Tiredness

Many of women Yawning a lot while they are pregnant. They are facing trouble to stay awaken on work as well. During your first trimester. You body works very hard and resulting in feeling of tiredness and yawn a lot.


This is also common for pregnant women to suffer from indigestion  at some point during their pregnancy.

Aches and Pains

Aches and feeling pains is common for many women during their early pregnancy. Some women get stabbing pains in their bellies; others women may experience back pains or joint pains.

Further, you may also suffer from hips and legs ache. This is due to changes in body hormones during pregnancy.

Peeing more Often

Many women start experiencing peering more often during early pregnancy. Some experience more frequency during their second and third trimesters.

Once you are pregnant your kidneys suppose to overdrive fluid which let you go to washroom more often. You may notice this typical sign of pregnancy  soon after you miss your period.

Bloating and Swelling

Swelling and bloating happens during pregnancy in some cases it starts in later stages but in some cases swelling and bloating happens in early days of pregnancy. You will start feeling that your cloths are getting tight, wedding ring a bit snug, and even your shoes are not fit.


Many women experiences itching during their pregnancy, some may face it at the beginning of their pregnancy and other may face it later during second and third trimesters. Itching could come any time and mostly it happens because of skin sensitivity and hormonal change in body. Sometime it happens because of cholestasis level in body, you should consult with your OB and should have some tests to make sure all is going well.


Acne and inflammation is an indicator that your body hormones are changing and you may have conceived. This is also common in many women during their pregnancy

Weird Mouth Taste

Changing mouth taste and feel it like metallic taste is common sign and it can be experience from early days of pregnancy to throughout first trimester.


Constipation is also reported during pregnancy and is a common symptom of pregnancy.  It is because of hormonal changes which affects digestive tract in the body and makes it slower. Food does not pass out fast and constipation issue increases as pregnancy progresses.

Dry Mouth

During pregnancy you may also find your mouth dry sometimes which is normal as you find that you are more thirsty usually.

Leg Cramps

Many pregnancy women get their leg cramps during pregnancy. Some women suffer from it in early stage of pregnancy and other get leg cramps in later stages which is more severe compared to early leg cramping.


You may also experience heartburn during your early pregnancy. It is because of hormones and slowed digestion of foods. Carbonated beverages, large meals and acidic foods leave stomach acids and lead to heartburning.


Many women get headaches thought during their pregnancy. Some get it immediate after implantation; other may get later stage of their first trimester and can also suffer from it in second trimester. It is caused by the low blood sugar supply to brain cells.


Many women suffer from back pain mostly in your lower back area during their pregnancy. Some women even having it right at the start of their pregnancy. It is because of the hormones which calm down ligaments in their back that leads to backache.

Excess Saliva

Many women having symptom of producing excessive saliva in their mouth during their early pregnancy. some may have bit of drooling specially when they are sleeping.

Other Common Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy
Other Common Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

Some Uncommon Signs of Pregnancy

There are so many symptoms related to pregnancy. Some women experience but other do not. Here is a list of some uncommon signs of pregnancy which can also be experienced by you.

Runny Rose

Pregnancy may increase snot and mucus production and you need to blow your nose more often.

Gagging on brushing

In few cases, it is reported that brushing her teeth made her gag after getting pregnant, counted as early sign of pregnancy in few cases.

Rectal Pain

Some women may also experience rectal pain near anus but this is less common indicator tells you that you may be pregnant.

Dark patches on Face

Some women may also experience dark skin patches on face

Yeast infections

Some women may experience yeast infection right after they get pregnant, some even face it during their first trimester.

Breasts Leaking

This is also rare sign of pregnancy, few women experience leaking of small amount of fluid  which is called colostrums at the start of pregnancy but for some this does not happened until second trimester of their pregnancy.

No Hair Fallout

Pregnancy significantly reduces the amount of hair fall in many pregnant women; you may experience this by cleaning out your hair or brushing them


Drooling is not very common pregnancy symptom in women. It is also noticed in some women during their early pregnancy. It is because women produce excess saliva and this condition is known as ptyalism gravidarum.

 Color Sensitivity

In few cases some women reported hate or sickness to look at certain colors but this is not a very common sign of pregnancy.

Some Uncommon Sign of Pregnancy
Some Uncommon Sign of Pregnancy

Even if you are experiencing one or few symptoms listed above does not necessarily confirm that you are pregnant. An accurate pregnancy test is vital to confirm your pregnancy

Pregnancy Test

If you are certain about your pregnancy and you may be experiencing some of the signs listed above. Then you can take a home pregnancy test or make appointment with your doctor.

Pregnancy Home Test

You may purchase a pregnancy test strip from a drugstore. This home test may give a result in false negative if you are just few days pregnant.

Accurate home test results can be obtained 10-12 days after you think you get pregnant.

Pregnancy Urine Test

Exact urine test results can be received one day after your missed period or later. Use your 1st urination in morning as sample which is best to use as hormone levels are at their peak.

Pregnancy Blood Test

Another and most reliable alternative is take a blood test in a lab.  You can expect to get a positive blood test as early as 5-6 days after you conceive.

You need to be patient for accurate results as taking pregnancy tests too early may result in negative. In the meanwhile you should start taking prenatal care and avoid activities which can harm you and your baby even if you are uncertain about your pregnancy.
If your pregnancy test is gone positive you may check when your baby is expected to arrive by using our pregnancy due date calculator.

Pregnancy Test - Positive
Pregnancy Test – Positive

Prenatal Care

Prenatal care is very vital as if you suspect you may be pregnant. You should take some the following steps seriously:

  • Quit smoking and drugs if any
  • Cut out your alcohol consumption
  • limit your caffeine intake
  • Eat pregnancy food several time throughout your day
  • Take more folic acid and nutrition prenatal vitamins
  • Start doing regular pregnancy exercises daiy
  • Take a healthy and balance diet i.e. eat fruits and vegetables
  • Consult with your healthcare provider as soon as possible to make sure that both you and your fetus are in good health.
Prenatal Care
Prenatal Care