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Diabetes during Pregnancy Causes, Symptoms, Risks & Treatment

In diabetes the body is unable to control the amount of sugar in the blood due to inadequate insulin. When the blood sugar level becomes too high, the diabetes is caused. Diabetes is a serious problem and could lead to serious complication during pregnancy.  When a woman suffers from diabetes during her pregnancy, it is called the gestational diabetes. So if you have diabetes, you should take the steps to have a safe and healthy pregnancy. Causes and Symptoms of Diabetes The diabetes is of two types. One is the…

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Optimal Diet and Nutrition for A Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time when your body changes in ways you never knew before. People also give you unwanted advice and during the third trimester you really feel pregnant. You get advice from different people around you so here I am also sharing you some useful information regarding diet and nutrition for a fit and healthy pregnancy. You may also read a useful article on exercise new rules to stay active during your pregnancy. Healthy Pregnancy Starts Before You Conceive The healthy pregnancy starts before you conceive. The reason is…

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Pregnancy and Exercise –The New Rules to Stay Active for Moms

There are many pregnancy myths regarding exercise like: Pregnant women must not lift anything heavy or overhead. The heart rate of a pregnant woman must not rise above 140 bpm. Women who aren’t active before pregnancy are unable to work out during pregnancy. Strength training can cause joint injury. Expecting moms should avoid all sports. Unless there is a specific condition, these are only the myths.  But the women who are not having normal condition during the pregnancy, these myths are treated as facts. Pregnancy and Exercise for Active Moms –…

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