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Pregnancy at the Age 35 and above, should you Consider it at High-Risk?

Women age is the vital factor which should be considered during pregnancy. For women of age 30+ chances to get pregnant are reduced with age. They tend to decline more for the women age of 40 or more, at this stage they found difficulty to conceive naturally even at this age sometime it is very hard to get pregnant by use of medical treatments such as IVF or tubal reversal etc. but still there are changes for women age between 35 to 39 years old but they need to remain…

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Test Tube Baby – INDIA is An Ideal Place for Treatment

In the course of recent years, India has been growing as a popular destination for medicinal tourism. The recognition of India for IVF and other therapeutic medications on a worldwide scale is obviously because of the enhanced medical innovations, perfect qualifications of specialists and para medical staff and the consistent upgradation of medical equipments. There are a few cities in India that have cutting edge technologyto give quality treatment to patients coming to India from better places over the world.

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Pregnancy and Exercise –The New Rules to Stay Active for Moms

There are many pregnancy myths regarding exercise like: Pregnant women must not lift anything heavy or overhead. The heart rate of a pregnant woman must not rise above 140 bpm. Women who aren’t active before pregnancy are unable to work out during pregnancy. Strength training can cause joint injury. Expecting moms should avoid all sports. Unless there is a specific condition, these are only the myths.  But the women who are not having normal condition during the pregnancy, these myths are treated as facts. Pregnancy and Exercise for Active Moms –…

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