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Pregnancy Symptoms: Top 41 Early Signs of Pregnancy

What are the Early Signs of Pregnancy There are many early pregnancy signs of pregnancy which most of the women are unaware; These early pregnancy symptoms are the indication of your pregnancy even if it is too early to miss your period. Once a woman becomes pregnant it body hormones started to change and that lead many changes in her body and attitude within next few days after she conceives. In the coming section we collect all these early signs and symptoms of pregnancy under different headings. First Signs of…

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Abdominal Pain During Pregnancy – Common Causes

It is quite normal to have an abdominal pain during pregnancy because the body undergoes changes to accommodate the developing baby. Usually the causes of abdominal pain are harmless but there are some more serious too. An expectant mother should educate herself on all potential causes of abdominal pain so she may recognize symptoms of this problem. Common Causes of Abdominal Pain During Pregnancy Abdominal pain in pregnancy is common and does not harm the baby. The main causes include: Round Ligament Pain It is a sharp stabbing pain which occurs…

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