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10 Essential Items for A Fit Pregnancy and A Comfortable Labor

Pregnancy is not only exciting but also very overwhelming time.  You are very conscious about how be remain fit and comfortable during this time. Pregnancy is between 37 – 42 weeks and during this period of time; women need to be healthy and comfortable. During pregnancy, your body will be going through some changes so you need some things that will make your pregnancy smooth and easy.  We are describing some essential items that will keep you fit, healthy and comfortable.

List of Essential Items for a Fit Pregnancy and a Comfortable Birth:

1 -Maternity Workout Clothes

You definitely need some comfortable maternity workout clothes because if your workout clothes are not comfortable you won’t feel easy. So it is very important to invest in buying some good clothes for your gym.

2 –  Exercise Ball

This is a very good item for pregnancy exercise. While sitting on it,  your lower back pain can be relieved, and if used during your labor, it will help the baby move down to the birth canal.

Pregnancy and Exercise Ball
Pregnancy and Exercise Ball

3- Maternity Lingerie

You also need some beautiful lingerie while you are pregnant and must not stick on wearing unattractive, simple undies.

4 – Workout Support Belt

It is a very helpful item for you during pregnancy. You can use it during exercise.

5 – Body Pillow

You might have heard about body pillow that some women regularly use it during their pregnancy. It will help you feel comfortable while sleeping.

Body Pillow for a Pregnant Woman
Body Pillow for a Pregnant Woman

6 – Vitamins and Cod Liver Oil

For the first trimester pregnant women feel morning sickness and they are unable to eat healthy good so these prenatal vitamins are the good source of nutrition but these prenatal vitamins are expensive and made from synthetic vitamins which are not real food so if you take a teaspoon of cod liver oil daily, it will be very good for you and your baby as it is very good for the baby’s brain and vision health. It also helps in preventing aches and pains as well as postpartum depression.

7 –  Foam Roller

It helps in muscle recovery post-workout. If you will use it, you will feel very great like having a massage so try rolling out your legs, back.

8 – Water Bottle

By keeping the water bottle with you, will help you to instantly double the amount of water you drink every day.

9 – Massaging Water Bottle

You must be feeling backache during your pregnancy so this massaging water bottle will be a great way to get rid of your aching back. It will work by giving you a soothing heat and you will feel fantastic

10 – HypnoBabies

it is a very comprehensive childbirth education course that will make you feel strong. You will not feel nervous. This course is based on 6 week, 3-hours per week time period. It is especially very helpful for those women who feel fearful about the labor. This course will teach some medical techniques for remaining relaxed and peaceful. Women love this course because it helps them in experience pain free birth.

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